Align Collective

The Campfire Principle

A short post from the Align Collective on how they conceptualised our new brand identity

Hi! We’re the Align Collective, and we formed as a part of our final year VisComm project with UTS Shopfront that saw us tasked with developing this website, and also this new brand for Dimitrios.

What we came up with

After discussion with Dimitrios on what would work best as a representation of his existing practice, we mutually settled on Charles Vogl’s campfire principle. You might notice that the warm aesthetic we developed is a gentle allusion to this theory - we didn’t want to go all in, but we wanted it to influence the brand enough. 

It’s a theory that is almost perfectly reflected in what Dimitrios does with Soulgen.

Soulgen is a place where we can open our minds together, help each other, find the right values, and act as well as think. Everyone who practices creating a better society by sharing each other's thoughts and skills are helping Soulgen build communities - and this identity is designed to be inviting to exactly those people.

But what is the Campfire Principle?

Charles Vogl envisioned the campfire principle to reflect his own personal practice. The campfire is about creating memorable relationships and meaningful connections. Where people can come and share their stories to be vulnerable and open their hearts.

So, we used the idea of the campfire and its symbolic meaning to illustrate the community that Soulgen brings together. Like small embers gather to make a big flame, we can change our society by listening to each other's voice, joining together as a community, and empowering each other. 

Notably, the environments that Dimitrios creates with Soulgen can be likened closely to campfires - they are warm, open, honest spaces where you feel comfortably vulnerable amongst others, and can work to develop in tandem. Important too is the fact that these campfires stay burning long after you leave a Soulgen training day or workshop!

The campfire space allows you to build links and collaborate with others, and these links will stay strong for a long time after you leave.