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How we share our warmth

Strengthening communities is about creating intimate experiences. We co-create workshops to uplift your people. Through arts, creativity and storytelling we nurture their confidence individually and as a collective.


Arts-based offerings

Activating community spirit in an increasingly disconnected world can be challenging. The holistic and experiential nature of Soulgen’s workshops strive to re-energise your people. Through the forum of active and embodied participation we are able to foster healing, development and transformation. 

Asset Based Community Development Trainings
Codesign Sessions
Youth + Community Engagement Consultation 
MCing + Creative Performances
Storytelling, videos + podcasts
You're all invited
We welcome young people, individuals and communities to collaborate in the development of our group offerings. Our empathetic consulting approach invites you to co-design and customise your experience - forming bonds and relationships from the very start. 
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