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Our Process

By the community, for the community

Connection is at the center of what we do. From the initial consultation to the end of each project we value your involvement. Through this journey of co-creation we aim to form enduring bonds which, through continued connection, translate into a rich associational life and supportive networks.


At the core of successful community is collaboration. Our goal is to co-design experiences which make visible your values, knowledge, connections + potential. Our strength is in balancing the needs and nurturing the strengths and resources of your community.

Co-creating and consulting

Building the fire

We work hard to bring new people into our circle, engage them, and grow their confidence. 

Co-creating and consulting

Lighting the campfire

Realising the fruits of the codesign process - engaging in workshops + assets based community development sessions that involve creative practice and open-minded thinking. Actively fostering diverse and inclusive spaces around metaphoric campfire

Co-creating and consulting

Maintaining the campfire

Soulgen aims to create open spaces and to be an enabler, but to do so sustainably. This involves sowing the seeds of inter-participant networks, friendships and community groups so that they can continue to engage with their inclusive spaces and nurture their communities

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